Ice Cream Vans For Wedding Your Wedding DayWARNING!!

It disappoints us greatly to have to warn future Bride and Grooms Marke’s Ices get far too many calls last minute from distraught Bride and Grooms where ice cream operators have contacted them to cancel. This usually stems in our opinion from quoting too cheaply and taking a more profitable booking when given the opportunity.

This is your special day so please consider this when comparing quotes. Marke’s Ices always send attached to our quote our terms and conditions of hire where we clearly state our responsibility to you.

PLEASE make sure which ever company you decide to use you get it clearly defined that your booking is secure and the company takes full responsibility to supply a replacement vehicle or hire in another company in the event of mechanical breakdown/staff sickness etc etc.

We are very proud to say we have never let a client down on a booking.

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Markes Ices on the beach at Hornsea and Withernsea giving free ice creams all day courtesy of Kingston Communications.


The streets and beachfront in Hornsea and Withernsea were treated to free ice cream all weekend as part of Kingston communications promotion offering their broadband and telephone services to the area.Along with the ice cream free films pop corn and entertainment was on offer to all.A great hit was the sand sculpture artists and the sand castle building competitions.


Markes Ices offer the corporate client a range of services from Window branding / part body branding through to full body wraps. KC promotion is a good example of part body company branding.


To add to the very successful promotion Markes Ices and the Lee Creative team managed to collect very healthy donations for the in sea rescue.