Ice Cream Van Hire In London

Markes Ices who are often seen in and around London with their distinctive Purple and yellow ice cream vans and this week added a new service for London clients for their private functions.Freshly made Candy Floss is a welcome addition to the unrivalled ice cream menu already being offered to clients across the South East and London region which adds that little bit of fun fair feel good factor to each booking.

Speak to a member of the booking team today to discuss your ice cream van hire in London and add the fresh candy floss feature to your booking.

Ice Creams from Yesterday and Today

Many ice cream manufactures each year look to cash in on latest trends and fashions, some endure the test of time while some ice creams are seen just for one summer season.

The Fab lolly has to be one of the outstanding iconic named brands to endure.Introduced in 1967 now holds the title as longest running continuous ice lolly on the UK market.

Below are some ice lollies that have come and gone due to fashion changes

Who remembers Steve Austin the Six Million Dollar Man and the bionic lolly.Or the Dalek’s Death Ray popularised by DR Who.

The haunted House lolly was a milk flavoured lolly and many a child used to unwrap as quickly as possible to see what ghostly print was on their lolly.

The Zoom lolly has been around nearly as long as the Fab and has had an image update so as to look to the future.

Today the favourite lollies chosen by children from their ice cream vans in Kent are split between the branded items such as Chocolate or Mint Feast,Twister,Knobbly Bobbly and non branded favourites such as The Bubblegum lolly and Strawberry lolly.

By far the most popular lolly which outsells all others is the Smartie pop up

A New Product introduced by Markes Ice Cream vans for 2012 season is the much loved by all who try one The Ben and Jerrys Wich sandwich.

A combination of ice cream and chocolate chip cookie is proving very popular with young and old.

By far the the main reason for choosing to visit one of Kent’s favourite ice cream vans is to sample the delicious soft whip ice cream and the vast array of ways to sample it.

Of course the best known is the 99 style ice cream with the extra delight of an added Cadbury Flake. Markes Ices are always looking to bring new and exciting ways to add to the experience and for the 2012 season introduced the marshmallow cone,soft whip ice cream cone then rolled in multi coloured marshmallows with a topping sauce of choice.

Company spokesman Robert Ellinor said “For the first time we have seen the new marshmallow cone outselling the flake 99 with children”.

Add to this old favourites such as the Popeye, Oyster, and sherbet cones the biggest problem is which to choose today.

Markes Ices also offer eight flavours of ice cream and sorbet’s from Strawberry,bubblegum,lemon ice,chocolate,mint choc chip,coconut,cherry and apple.

To see the Markes Ice cream vans for hire full product menu for your next event please visit www.markesices and choose products from the menu tab.

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Ice Cream Van Hire In Faversham - Ice Cream vans In Faversham

Faversham is a market town and civil parish in the Swale borough of Kent, England. The parish of Faversham (Feversham) grew up around an ancient sea port on Faversham Creek and was the birthplace of the explosives industry in England.Faversham was the cradle of the UK’s explosives industry: it was also to become one of its main centres. The first gunpowder plant was established in the 16th century, possibly at the instigation of Faversham Abbey. With their estates andendowments monasteries were keen to invest in promising technology.The town was well-placed for the industry. It had a stream which could be dammed at intervals to provide power for watermills. On its outskirts were low-lying areas ideal for the culture of alder and willow to provide charcoal — one of the three key gunpowder ingredients. The stream fed into a tidal Creek where sulphur, another key ingredient, could be imported, and the finished product loaded for dispatch to Thames-side magazines. The port was also near the Continent where in warfare demand for the product was brisk.

Although Faversham Abbey was dissolved by Henry VIII the nearby St Mary of Charity, Faversham Parish Church remains. It has an unusual 18th-century flying spire, known as a crown or corona spire, which is visible for long distances. The interior was restored and transformed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, known for St Pancras Station, the Foreign Office and many college and cathedral buildings, in 1874. Notable features of the church include the reputed tomb of King Stephen (the church is thus one of only a few churches outside London where an English king was interred), nationally important misericords in the quire, a rare medieval painted pillar and a recently installed altar dedicated to Saints Crispin and Crispinian. The church supports a strong choral tradition with a choir of adults and children who sing Anglican matins, evensong and communion.

Today Faversham is a lively town with many visitors and popular with visitors to the Town Carnival and ever growing Hop and Beer festival. Markes Ices with their bright yellow and purple livery add that extra wow factor to many events in and around Faversham.

Markes Ices has many satisfied clients in the Faversham area and have often been hired to help with fundraising for schools and charity fun days.To hire an ice cream van in Faversham for a fundraising event speak to a member of the booking team today to see how a Markes Ices ice cream van can enhance your event.

Ice Cream Van Hire in Faversham for a private parties, for Football tournaments,weddings,school fairs,corporate promotional hire in fact

Any season, Any Reason.



Ice Cream Van Hire In Sittingbourne -Ice Cream vans In Sittingbourne

Sittingbourne is an industrial town about eight miles (12.9 km) east of Gillingham in England, beside the Roman Watling Street off a creek in the Swale, a channel separating the Isle of Sheppey from mainland Kent.

By the time of the Norman invasion in 1086, Sittingbourne was not recorded as part of the Domesday book, merely a note attached to Milton with a population of 309. However, after the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket in 1170, pilgrims began to make the journey to Canterbury Cathedral and Sittingbourne became a useful hostelry for many travellers. Sittingbourne is mentioned as a stopping point in The Canterbury Tales.

Sittingbourne owes its name to a modernised version of an observation on its location. The town’s name came from the fact that there is a small stream or “bourne” running underground in part of the town. Hasted writing in the 1790s in his History of Kent states that Sittingbourne was anciently written Sedingbourne,in Saxon,Saedingburga the hamlet by the bourne or small stream.

Today In and around Sittingbourne the familiar Yellow and Purple ice cream vans from Markes Ices can be seen at many events run by local schools,Sittingbourne Rugby Club and many Council run events.If you would like an ice cream vans to attend your event in Sittingbourne speak to a member of the booking team today to discuss your specific requirements.

For all your Ice cream van hire in Sittingbourne welcome to Kent’s favourite ice cream van hire company.

With many satisfied clients in Sittingbourne,Milton,Canterbury and surrounding areas Markes Ices offer the very best in ice cream van hire for any event.

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Ice Cream Van Hire In Sevenoaks and Westerham

Sevenoaks is a commuter town situated on the London fringe of west Kent, England, 24 miles (38.6 km) south-east of Charing Cross, on one of the principal commuter rail lines from the capital. The town gives its name to the Sevenoaks district, of which it is the principal town, followed by Swanley and Edenbridge.

The presence of Knole House, a large mansion, led to the earlier settlement becoming a village and in the 13th century a market was established.

Markes Ices have attended, and have many satisfied clients in and around the Sevenoaks area, being hired year on year by Schools for summer fairs,football tournaments,weddings and private functions.

For ice cream van hire in Sevenoaks speak to a member of Markes Ices booking team today to discuss your event.

Westerham is a town and civil parish in the Sevenoaks District of Kent, in South East England with 5,000 people. The parish is south of the North Downs, ten miles west of Sevenoaks.The statue in the centre of the town of General James Wolf from the battle of Quebec looks over the classic village green.

Nearby Chartwell House

In 1922 Winston Churchill MP purchased Chartwell Manor on the outskirts of Westerham, which, apart from the time he spent at 10 Downing Street, was his home for the rest of his life. Chartwell is now administered by the National Trust.

There is a statue of Sir Winston Churchill on the village green at Westerham. It was sculpted by Oscar Nemon and stands on a base of Yugoslavian stone, the gift of Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

If your question is where do I find an ice cream van for an event in Sevenoaks or how do I book an ice cream van in Westerham then Welcome to Markes Ices.The UK’s number one ice cream van hire company as voted for by their customers 2010/ 2011/2012.