Interview with an Ice Cream Van Company about Wedding Day Hire.Ice Cream Dessert At Your Wedding

We spoke to Mark Ellinor Partner at Markes Ices.

Q : Why an ice cream van at a Wedding

A: ” I think most Bride and Grooms are looking for value for money, something their guests will be wowed by and also the fact ice cream brings a feel good factor and the fact our full menu range offers choice.In this day and age Bride and grooms are fed up with paying over the odds for inferior small portion a la carte menu’s and are looking for something different.By far the most common reaction from guests when ice cream is delivered to a Wedding day for dessert is

“WOW” “What a great idea” “Oh how wonderful” “wow what a choice anything I want you sure” “Fantastic Idea” .many happy Brides have had guests tell them it was the highlight of the day.

Do not take our word for it please read the many reviews given by happy Bride and Grooms at an independent review site Markes Ices reviews.

Q: How do I get a quote for my wedding day?

A: “Email [email protected] or go to the website and use our contact form. The information needed is Date,Time,location and number of guests to cater for and a detailed quote will be tailored for your special day”

Q: Will it be price competitive ?

A: “All quotes are tailored to each clients specific requests.

Q: Will you be the cheapest?”

” NO”. We have always and will always strive to be the very best at what we do and cannot and do not wish to compete with some operators that do not offer our high standards and customer expectations.

Q: Do you offer a turn up and serve and leave hire?

A: “No we have looked at this in the past and in our experience so many factors during a wedding from Church services, speeches to catering delay’s cause a knock on effect for us who as dessert usually are the last to be required, so experience has taught us the key factor is flexibility so no client has any worry about unavoidable delays causing complications in us waiting until needed. With this in mind Markes Ices do not get involved in turn up and serve and leave type of hire. You book with us the van is yours as long as needed.”

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