With many years experience the family run business Marke’s Ices does more than pay lip service to the concept of good customer care. Says Mark “We have two children ourselves Robert and Bonita,so we understand that relatively small changes can make a big difference. Ice cream vans are great fun for everyone and our business has grown because we continue to look for ways to improve our service. For example, a local group recently hired our vans to attend an event where we were informed there would be a number of children attending with autism and advised us it would be quite difficult for them to choose from the wide variety of products from the window display. We took their professional advice and came up with the idea of making simple flash cards showing all our popular lollies and ice creams – making it much easier for them to focus on what they wanted and to make a choice. We believe all children should feel welcome and comfortable purchasing from our vans so shortly before Christmas I sent all staff on a basic sign language course. We serve many hundreds of children at events in Kent and the South East and I feel it’s our duty to make sure we can communicate with them”. From their base in Rainham the family team Mark, Diane and Robert now have a number of vans and offer a range of services from Event hire, sports days, fairs and fetes, where schools and charities benefit from Marke’s Ices excellent percentage fundraising donation policy, through to their fantastic birthday party service where the van arrives with the chimes playing happy birthday and the birthday child learns to twirl their first ice cream and serve their friends. They have also recently added hot dogs to their vans and spent time sourcing the best quality product. Says Diane “We are very confident with the top quality Hot Dog brand offered by us understanding all products aimed at children are being ever more scrutinised for their nutritional value, with the new even larger Hot Dog size offered for the 09 season we are happy it will have that Marke’s Ices WOW factor”. For more information or to book them for an event or party contact Marke’s Ices on 0776 8072861 or visit www.markesices.co.uk