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A good time was had by all when Robert met Nuzzle and Scratch in a London park.Rob said of the day it was very difficult as Nuzzle and Scratch had him in fits of laughter all day.

See Robert with Nuzzle and Scratch on Cbeebies 24th Feb 2011.

Robert Film’s with CBeebies


The Scene was set for Fun and excitement

Who said TV had to be boring? When Cbeebie’s “Nuzzle and Scratch” and Markes ices came together, the scene was set for a mixture for laughter and excitement. Arriving at the Verullanium Park in St Albans, many people crowded round to see the puppets and Markes ices in action as they filmed for the new series released next year.
Nuzzle and Scratch came to the ice cream van for a nice tasty lolly, but all was not so simple, the comedians controlling the puppets soon had everyone in fits of laughter, two real comedians, making cast and crew alike almost rolling on the floor…except for one camera man who in his laughing state nearly fell into a pond nearby!

In a few hours time all the filming was completed and the filming crew enjoyed a well earned ice cream each. ‘Robert’ who attended this filming event said “it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, trying not to laugh when the camera’s are rolling, especially with Nuzzle and Scratch there. Those two are real talented comedians”.

So there you have it, another successful TV and media hire completed by Markes Ices. ‘Robert’ also said: “not only was this event completed professionally and efficiently, I had a really good time”.
So don’t forget to check out the show next year around February to see Markes Ices on the Nuzzle and Scratch show.


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Markes ices offer many years experience working along side TV and Media companies throughout the UK.
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Diane :BBC Newsnight


BBC Newsnight calls Markes Ices to film with the Prime Minister.


Diane arrived within 15 minutes of the request to save the day.