Free Ice Cream In An Area Near You-Ice Cream Vans in Glasgow-Manchester-Leeds-Nottingham-Birmingham-Coventry-Milton Keynes-London-Essex-Southampton-Poole-Bournemouth-Portsmouth

Markes Ice Cream Vans this week could be seen across the UK in Manchester / Leeds / Glasgow / Newcastle / Nottingham / Birmingham / Coventry / Milton Keynes / London / Essex / Southampton and many more areas giving free ice cream as part of Ikea’s outdoor garden promotion.

As well as free ice cream Markes Ices as part of the promotion helped give out free pick nic blankets,money off vouchers to spend in store and umbrella’s.

Free ice cream is a well proven promotion tool and brings that feel good factor and a smile to enhance any promotional message the client wishes to promote.

Rain or shine the ice cream was very very popular and according to the weather pattern of the moment a free umbrella was gladly received by thousands of people.

All the ice cream vans were fully body wrapped for the clients campaign transforming them into a powerful advertising tool.

For a promotional ice cream van for your event or campaign speak to a member of the booking team today to see how an ice cream van can promote your company or business.

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