Ice Cream vans For Your Event 2012 Summer Season

Ice Cream vans For Your Event 2012 Summer Season

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Mobile event catering at its best!
Earn money for your School, club or charity
Keep the children happy and earn funding for your school, nursery, organisation or group.
Hire our vans for your school fete, sports days, village fair or music event and raise money for your organisation through our fundraising donation policy.
Friendly and professional staff. All fully CRB checked.
We use the highest quality products to meet all your catering needs.
With a wide range of cold drinks, ice creams and hot dogs. Let us cater for your sporting event, whatever the size, and you could earn extra funding for your club. We specialise in outdoor catering including parks and fields where other catering options are limited. Speak to us today to discuss your specific sporting event requirements.
Stand out from the crowd! Personalised van signage and product giveaways. Ideal for open days, corporate events, team building days and launches. A cost-effective and unique way to get your message across.
Birthdays and Parties Want something special for your big day? Why not have an ice cream van arrive at your party playing happy birthday. Along with fun and entertainment the birthday child is invited in to the van to serve their family and friends. Package includes all ice cream, crew membership card and birthday card.
Any age, any party, any excuse! Love Ice Cream
Resist everything but temptation Freshly made soft whip ice cream, a wide range of delicious sorbets, flavoured ice cream and ice lollies. Candy floss, chilled drinks and hot dogs.
Not forgetting everybody’s favourite Markes ices invention “The Candy Cream
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Health, safety and hygiene certificates.
CRB checked.
£10 million event hire public and product liability insurance.
Family-run business covering the whole of the South East.
“Whether it is for 20 or 20,000 people – we really are as good as it gets!”
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Robert Film’s with CBeebies


The Scene was set for Fun and excitement

Who said TV had to be boring? When Cbeebie’s “Nuzzle and Scratch” and Markes ices came together, the scene was set for a mixture for laughter and excitement. Arriving at the Verullanium Park in St Albans, many people crowded round to see the puppets and Markes ices in action as they filmed for the new series released next year.
Nuzzle and Scratch came to the ice cream van for a nice tasty lolly, but all was not so simple, the comedians controlling the puppets soon had everyone in fits of laughter, two real comedians, making cast and crew alike almost rolling on the floor…except for one camera man who in his laughing state nearly fell into a pond nearby!

In a few hours time all the filming was completed and the filming crew enjoyed a well earned ice cream each. ‘Robert’ who attended this filming event said “it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, trying not to laugh when the camera’s are rolling, especially with Nuzzle and Scratch there. Those two are real talented comedians”.

So there you have it, another successful TV and media hire completed by Markes Ices. ‘Robert’ also said: “not only was this event completed professionally and efficiently, I had a really good time”.
So don’t forget to check out the show next year around February to see Markes Ices on the Nuzzle and Scratch show.


Ice Cream Vans for TV and Media



Markes ices offer many years experience working along side TV and Media companies throughout the UK.
We like to work with you, listen to you. Understand your needs, requirements, budgets and aspirations. In addition to the very best in ice cream van hire, we guarantee professional and friendly staff who are very experienced in being able to adapt to TV and media ever changing demands and time constraints, understanding the need for flexibility throughout production.

Marke’s Ice Cream van hire has many satisfied clients, based all over the UK, including Channel 4, Cartoon Network, ITV, BBC, Square eye media, Beauty Seen, and many more.

The professional and friendly event hire and booking team are always very happy to discuss your needs and requirements.

Markes Ices On ITV Loose Women


See markes Ices on ITV Loose women

Carol McGiffin did her best to make all the ice creams as best as she could rather than some celebs just wanting to make a the video to see how many Carol managed to make in the alloted time